Fan with the new approach to relieve acne.

Can , in the conventional fluorescence technique the signal from mutant DNA only a few tenths of a % higher than the background noise to relieve acne . Fan with the new approach, it is hundreds of times brighter. – ‘We have a clever way to found strengthen the intrinsic difference between the signals, ‘said Fan. During the past year, Fan and his team found that they could not DNA to modulate employ a liquid laser, or switch off him and his group in the world in the world achieve this, achieve this, said fan at that time they did not have a practical application in mind had had an epiphany.

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About Acrux Acrux is specialty pharma company, developing and marketing a series of patent, patient Preferences medical devices for the global markets its innovative technology, administer medication through the skin. Fast-drying, invisible sprays or liquids offer one delivery platform with low and. No skin irritation, superior cosmetic acceptance and simple, accurate and dosing flexibility To technology platform wide broad and welldifferentiated patents issued and pending in major markets. Acrux has 7 product in clinical development, Health & EvamistTM to treat menopause symptoms – Stage 3 results of in the U.S. For the second quarter two thousand and six expects testosterones MDTS? treated to a decreased libido in women – ready to stage 3 to start in the U.S. Nestorone MDT contraceptive spray for women – to Phase 2 a year to start 2 006 fentanyl UDTSTM for treating chronic pain – completed Phase 1 Testosterone MD lotion for testosterone deficiency in to handle women – During phase 2 Acrux States have rights of to EvamistTM and of testosterone MDT VIVUS licensor and AUS / NZ distribution rights for the of testosterone MST and fentanyl UDTSTM at CSL Limited. Acrux was its technology its technology to Lilly on Veterinary health care products.