Was this due to cell phone radiation?

Cell phones: 50 % upsurge in frontal and temporal lobe tumors in children ANY OFFICE of National Statistics in the United Kingdom discovered a 50 % increase in frontal and temporal lobe tumors in children during the 10 year span covering 1999 to 2009. Was this due to cell phone radiation? The Department of Wellness in the UK would appear to believe so. One in 3 children beneath the age of ten has a cellphone within their possession currently. The governmental agency put out the following statement: ‘Children should just use cell phones for essential reasons and keep all calls short.’ The reality: while adults certainly absorb some radiation from using cellphones, children are in considerably greater risk. When compared to adults, children’s brains can take in up to three times the quantity of radiation.Wow. It’s psychologically hard-hitting. If you know the REAL history of globe events especially. Collapse.information is our newest partner content is among our new owned and operated ‘partner sites independently,’ and it’s the new authoritative internet site documenting and detailing the massive global collapse today underway. I don’t want to eliminate from the rest of the amazing websites on this topic, by the real way.. Athletes who undergo cells transplant medical procedures for knee damage may go back to sports: Study Athletes with bone and cartilage knee damage who have are treated with transplanted cells can return to sports activities after surgery, according to a Medical center for Special Surgery research reported in the annual conference of the American Orthopaedic Culture for Sports Medicine, july 15-18 in Providence held, Rhode Island.