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Stimulating Urge for food: Marijuana helps in enhancing and stimulating the hunger of an individual. Alzheimer: Alzheimer is usually a persistent neurodegenerative disease which relates to the mind and happens because of plaques and tangles in the mind. Marijuana provides the medicinal properties that may block the enzyme which is in charge of the development of the condition. AIDS: People coping with the HI-Virus could be treated by firmly taking the medicine of Marijuana.Through use of CORHIO’s network, doctors and other medical care providers will have usage of important health information regarding their patients including laboratory test and pathology results, x-ray, MRI and other imaging reports, and physician transcription reports. Later come early july the network shall be upgraded to add patient medication lists, allergies and immunizations. The info available to medical professionals about each affected person in the network will grow each time they go to their physician and additional information is recorded electronically.

Myelin composes the sheaths that protect the nerve fibers and invite the rate of nerve impulses to end up being improved.