The Roche Board of Directors will propose Christoph Franz to be elected as Chairman of the Board.

Commenting on the nomination of Christoph Franz, Roche Chairman Franz B. Humer stated: With Christoph Franz, Roche gets a chairman with exceptional personal qualities and an extraordinary record as head of a significant global firm. I am certain that his extensive knowledge, exceptional global network and strong links to Switzerland will be great assets. Christoph Franz said: I am delighted that the Table of Directors has nominated me to become another chairman of the Roche Group. Roche is an outstanding company. As a board member I’ve had ample possibility to become familiar with and admire its strong business overall performance and corporate culture. Strategically, Roche can be in very good shape, and I am looking towards taking on this opportunity.Additional research is required to determine the optimal dosage of candesartan for lowering proteinuria. However this study proves that ‘proteinuria that persists despite treatment with the utmost recommended dosage of candesartan could be reduced by raising the dosage of candesartan additional,’ the authors wrote. While high dose therapy with candesartan was well-tolerated, 11 sufferers dropped out of the scholarly study because of high blood potassium amounts. Therefore, the researchers recommend that potassium levels be monitored during treatment with this drug..