Bottled water favored by minorities: Why?

There is absolutely no real benefit to water in bottles, but there could be some disadvantages. Unlike tap water, bottled water might not contain significant levels of fluoride, which aids in preventing tooth decay. And research have shown that children who drink water in bottles will possess diarrhea than those that stick to tap, according to Period magazine’s Healthland blog page. A report by the national Assets Defense Council discovered that 17 % of water in bottles contained high degrees of bacteria, and 22 % contained degrees of arsenic and additional toxic chemicals too much to pass strict basic safety standards, your blog reported.Rather than placing ambitious goals to boost the position of Afghan women, the company is tilting toward more attainable steps,’ the Washington Post writes. ‘The adjustments come at a time of growing concern among rights advocates that the modest benefits Afghan women have achieved because the fall of the Taliban federal government in 2001 are becoming rolled back,’ according to the article, which notes that new rules being drafted by the government ‘would bar private secure houses for females who are fleeing misuse and place new rules on those seeking refuge in the country’s 14 general public shelters, including forcing females to submit to medical examinations and evicting them if their families want them back’ . Related StoriesTwo new studies also show that fecal transplantation may help fight ulcerative colitisEarliest known case of rickets in the UK identified in Neolithic Tiree skeletonResearchers develop globe's initial prognosis scoring system forever expectancy of sufferers in hospitalsGates Foundation Invests $10M In Vaccine Developer, $20M In Media Foundation The biotechnology organization Liquidia Technologies on Friday announced it has received a $10 million grant from the Expenses & Melinda Gates Foundation to support the development of vaccines for developing countries, Triangle Business Journal reports .