A butcher from the northern city of Jinzhou.

Even so-called food-grade nitrates are dangerous, though. Despite being a legal food additive, they are recognized to cause cancers and other illnesses. As a result, many individuals are choosing to buy meats and other products that are free of nitrates, and many food producers have responded to this developing demand by changing these meals chemicals with natural food preservatives. A thorough research study out of the University of Hawaii discovered that consuming nitrate-laden processed meats like popular dogs, sausage, and lunch meats, results in a 67 % increased threat of developing pancreatic malignancy ( And another study released in the journal BMC Cancers explains that children who consume processed meats with nitrates and nitrites are a fantastic 74 % more likely to develop leukemia, and also pancreatic and colorectal cancers ( Obviously industrial-quality nitrates are even more deadly than food-quality nitrates, though, and the Chinese government is certainly allegedly cracking down upon this and other styles of food contamination which have blackened the country’s reputation around the world.Population. I could let you know this with great confidence: If a new wave of swine flu starts killing people, those that die first will almost be those who received the Swine Flu vaccinations certainly. A few months later, it will likely be announced that Baxter unintentionally inserted live viruses in to the vaccines, and fifty million people were accidentally subjected to live H1N1. Oops. Just another Big Government / Big Pharma snafu. Blanket immunity for medication companies and their deadly vaccinesNote, carefully, that federal law already grants drug companies total immunity from any liability for the harm due to their vaccines.