Bioidentical hormone therapy works well and secure for menopausal women Life Expansion.

A white paper entitled Bioidentical Hormones: HOW COME There Still a Controversy, published in the October edition of Life Expansion Magazine, provides compelling scientific proof on the performance and basic safety of bioidentical hormone therapy. This position paper highly documents advantages of topical bioidentical hormone lotions as opposed to the known basic safety risks connected with orally-administered conjugated equine estrogens and progestin.The review indicated that over-reassurance could lead to patients, and sometimes clinicians, linking any future symptoms to the sooner all-clear. Regarding breast symptoms, a benign biopsy result seemed to give some women a false feeling of security for many years, with some also reporting being less breast aware despite the fact that there would be no guarantee they could not develop breast cancer later on. Sara Hiom, Cancer Research UK's director of early diagnosis, said: ‘It's quite crucial that a person with possible malignancy symptoms gets them tested as quickly as possible, and that includes those who have had a fake alarm during the past. You're not wasting your doctor's period and could well save time in the long term – most cancers are found after patients seek help regarding symptoms and acting promptly on these often means remedies are simpler and far better.