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The Health Net consumer who’ll explain her ordeal at the press meeting today was pressured to pay $12,000 out-of-pocket for a double mastectomy and breasts reconstruction surgery even though federal health reform caps in-networks costs at $6,600. The federal wellness reform caps usually do not apply to care received outside an insurer's approved network. Today In a letter sent, Consumer Watchdog urged Senator Ed Hernandez to include consumers at Wednesday's Senate Health Committee Hearing. According to Consumer Watchdog's letter: ‘Saving cash for individuals requires hearing how consumers are getting overcharged by health insurance companies through abusive methods, not merely listening to the institutional stakeholders complain about each other's role in the price run-ups.Synthetic diet pills are often listed with limitations that may verify that a lot of people who have a set diet, or to a lifestyle problem. As a rule, in most cases, a weight loss program can restrict a person’s eating habits, demand for physical participation and rigorous exercise regime. Sometimes excess weight loss remedies can be very expensive for the average indivdual. Herbal weight reduction remedies is 100 percent natural ingredients from herbal products. For this method includes the exact natural nutrients integrated into the body in order to promote normal body functions and metabolism. It activates hormones that are responsible for breaking down cholesterol, burning calories and improving metabolic function.