Todays older Chinese had no restrictions so that they had five or six kids.

China: The aging giant China’s efforts to regulate population growth in today’s may cause problems for the county’s older persons later on read . This prediction originates from a Saint Louis University School of Medication researcher who spent a 12 months in China learning its geriatric policies and procedures. Joseph H. Flaherty, M.D., associate professor of inner medicine in the division of geriatric medication at Saint Louis University, said China’s 1979 plan of limiting lovers to one kid may leave some older Chinese without a family member to care for them.

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.. By Anna Petherick Chile’s developing trade with the US, Europe and China recently offers made the Andean nation one of the most economically steady and prosperous countries in SOUTH USA. Yet, despite Chile’s economic success, the country has continued to flunk on intellectual house laws. This lax enforcement of patent privileges, experts say, provides dissuaded many worldwide companies, like the pharmaceutical sector, from investing in the country. To bolster Chile’s patent protections and develop a friendlier business environment for pharma, the country’s ministry of health last month announced programs to bring in legislation that would establish a new national medications company, called the Agencia Nacional de Medicamentos.