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As opening day techniques, health law advocates caution the public to be ready for some marketplace glitches Stateline examines concerns about what could fail, and other news outlets look at enrollment, implementation and outreach attempts for the web marketplaces that may sell insurance policies. Stateline: Expect Snags In Affordable Care Act Rollout You will have glitches when the main provisions of the Affordable Care Act are implemented beginning Oct. 1 .

He gets low-sugar about 8 to 10 times a week typically, at least once a week while he’s asleep. ‘I would arranged an alarm in the center of the night just to be sure I was Alright. That will cause you to not get yourself a good nights rest,’ he said. His ‘wise pump’ stopped giving insulin several times during the research when his sugar fell low, and he wasn’t always aware of it. That is clearly a well-known problem for those who have Type 1 diabetes. Over time, ‘you become less and less sensitive to feeling the reduced blood sugars’ and don’t recognize symptoms with time to drink juice or do something else to raise sugar a little bit, he said.