Columbia Laboratories second quarter total net revenues increase to $19.

The reduce is attributable to the following: The Company recognized a one-time gain of $2.5 million on the U.S. Sale of STRIANT to Actient in the next one fourth of 2011. Without this gain, operating expenses would have been $3.0 million. There were essentially no distribution and offering expenses in the next quarter of 2011, in comparison to $2.7 million in the 2010 quarter, reflecting the termination of product sales and marketing actions following Watson’s assumption of these responsibilities in July 2010. General and administrative costs were $2.5 million in the second quarter of 2011, in comparison to $4.0 million in the 2010 quarter, primarily reflecting the lack of Watson transaction costs and lower intellectual property or home legal expenses.He previously decided to make an application for the disability pension. There have been no acute back again injury. Sam seemed to have a great range of lower spinal motion and he had not been overweight, but he had been treated for hypertension and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus . His diabetes was badly controlled and apparently seldom monitored. A spinal x-ray reported only minor spondylitic changes, but the radiologist commented that there was increased bone relative density in the lumbar vertebrae. It was recommended that he could have renal osteodystrophy.

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