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Although bird flu remains an pet disease essentially, which is only contracted by some type of contact with infected birds, experts continue to be concerned that any mutation of the H5N1 virus could enable it to move easily among humans triggering a pandemic. Across the world a number of companies are conducting clinical trials on bird flu vaccines but the unpredictability of the H5N1 virus means drug companies have a gamble in developing a vaccine as there is absolutely no way of knowing which virus is most likely to mutate right into a killer stress.The test enables targeted treatment decisions, will save staff time, provides reliable outcomes and is economically simple for broad diagnostics use rapidly. April with Laboratories Leti S The first distribution agreement was signed in.L.U., the Spanish market leader in diagnostic tests of pneumo-respiratory diseases.. Aviir to increase comprehensive inherited coronary disease genetic test menu Aviir Inc., a biotechnology organization focused on the prevention of coronary disease through innovative laboratory testing, announced that it’ll be extending it is offered services with extensive inherited coronary disease genetic test menu.