These data were shown this week at the 14th European Malignancy Meeting in Barcelona.

Anti-Tumor Activity of Single-Agent Sunitinib Malate in Advanced Gastric Cancer Preliminary results from a new Phase II research provide data about the anti-tumor activity and tolerability of sunitinib malate in individuals with advanced gastric cancer. Additionally, data from phase I studies provide information on the tolerability and protection of sunitinib malate in conjunction with current standard of treatment chemotherapies in the treating hormone-refractory prostate cancer and advanced breasts tumor . These data were shown this week at the 14th European Malignancy Meeting in Barcelona.

The researchers found two key effects: In individual cells in the laboratory, triclocarban increased gene expression that is normally regulated by testosterone. So when male rats had been fed triclocarban, testosterone-dependent organs such as the prostate gland grew large abnormally. Also, the authors said their discovery that triclocarban elevated hormone effects was new. All prior research of endocrine disruptors experienced found that they generally action by blocking or decreasing hormone effects. More analyses of antibacterials and endocrine results are planned, he said. Consumers shouldn’t take this scholarly research as guidance on whether to use triclocarban-containing products, Lasley said.?.. Antibacterial chemical in bath soaps disrupts hormone activities A new UC Davis study shows that a common antibacterial chemical substance added to bath soaps can transform hormonal activity in rats and in individual cells in the laboratory – and does so by a previously unreported system.