PRESS RELEASE Data shows latest plateau and drop in therapy utilization.

WOONSOCKET, R.I., –An analysis done simply by the CVS Health Research Institute provides insights regarding individuals taking Sovaldi® , a fresh and expensive treatment for Hepatitis C released in December. The data shows that over the last almost a year there’s been a plateau and real downward development in Sovaldi utilization. This suggests another surge of patients will begin therapy when a number of fresh therapeutic regimens of similar efficacy and shorter duration are presented in the Fall. Despite the current plateau and decline in Sovaldi utilization, we be prepared to find another peak in spending for Hepatitis C medications upon the release of the brand new all-oral treatment, said Troyen A.Studies have failed replication attempts A team of experts from Harvard College of Public Wellness , Brigham and Women’s Medical center , and somewhere else have described a feasible reason why some studies have been struggling to replicate associations between genes and traits – – namely that the effectiveness of a gene/trait association might vary with age and that current research designs typically neglect to take that into account. The paper was selected for early publication online on the American Journal of Human Genetics web site on April 3, 2008, and can appear in the April 11 print issue of the journal.