Can media multitasking alter your brain?

The precise mechanisms of the changes remain unclear, Loh said. However, the scholarly study only revealed a connection between multitasking and less-dense gray matter, not a direct cause-and-effect relationship. Further research is definitely need to clarify the hyperlink, the researcher said. The results were published Sept. 24 in the journal PLoS One.. Can media multitasking alter your brain? Multitasking with smartphones, laptops and other media devices could change the structure of the human brain, according to a fresh study.By adding a 75 micron microsphere, CeloNova today has three distinct sizes of Embozene Microspheres for physicians to make use of in the smallest arteries. With ten sizes that range between 40 microns to 1300 microns, this product is the most versatile in the market. The smallest ones cannot be detected by the naked vision while the largest beads are only 1300 microns in diameter. A specially trained physician, an interventional radiologist, injects them inside a blood vessel to avoid the blood circulation to a tumor or where there is undesired bleeding.