Cautioned urged on use of personal Imagine this: you visit your clinician.

Businesses are responding by supplying their solutions for ancestry tracing, forensics, nutritional information and reproductive assistance. It will not be long before companies are able to offer Facebook-like social networking solutions centred around our genomes.. Cautioned urged on use of personal Imagine this: you visit your clinician, undergo genetic assessment, and then you are handed a miniature hard disk drive containing your personal genome sequence, which is uploaded onto publicly accessible databases subsequently. This may sound like science fiction, but it is scientific truth, in fact it is happening already. In an article published in the upcoming issue of Research, University of Alberta researcher Tim Caulfield and co-authors highlight the need to proceed with caution when it comes to personal genomics projects that represent study milestones but are also fraught with ethical, clinical and social implications.The Protection bill, which has the best chance for speedy passage, of February would extend the sign-up deadline until the end. The Jobs bill, which will likely work its method through Congress early following year, of June 2010 would extend it until the end. Both would lengthen the nine-month subsidy to 15 months and will be retroactive for individuals who already timed out . The New York Times reports that [t]he Senate voted early Friday morning to force final actions on [the defense expenses] as Democrats broke a Republican attempt to use the military cash to stall action on the health care overhaul. Within an unusual dead-of-night session that opened just after midnight, senators voted 63 to 33 to shut down debate on the $626 billion plan, which may be the last spending measure because of pass this year and was conveniently passed by the House earlier this week.