WBCs help fight infection and protect the physical body against disease.

Chemotherapy. This is actually the use of special medicines to kill malignancy cells. Sometimes medicines are found in combination to assault the cells in different ways. Stem cell transplant. This process involves destroying tumor cells and normal bone marrow and disease fighting capability cells with high-dose chemotherapy and then re-introducing healthy donor stem cells in to the body. The brand new stem cells can rebuild a healthy blood supply and immune system. After treatment begins, the target is remission . Once remission happens, maintenance chemotherapy is normally given to keep a young child in remission also to keep killing cancer cells.And any older juice basically won’t do. Juice products spiked with high-fructose corn syrup and other additives are prohibited, with only 100 percent juice products allowed. Beneath the old rules, children as youthful as eight months older were allowed to drink up to six ounces of 100 percent juice daily, but that will no more be the case. The new rules, which have been published in the city’s Wellness Code, are reported to be consistent with U.S. Division of Agriculture recommendations that a most children’s recommended fruit intake come from entire fruit. Juice products, claim health authorities, are adding to obesity and additional chronic health problems in lots of of the same ways that soda pop beverages are.