Can I Talk to My Therapist About Personal Family Stuff?

I promised I wouldn’t, but it’s true hard because stuff are feeling just a little confusing right now. I really want you to definitely talk to — could it be OK to show my therapist? – Kallie* This is a good question because lots of people wonder who they can talk to about their feelings when someone asks them never to tell. It can be hard not having anyone to talk to when family members unhappiness leaves you with a burden of feelings to carry and no one to confide in.Using gene-specific CNV from tumor, the model properly predicted 73 percent of cases for relapse and 75 percent of cases for short PSA doubling period. The CNV model from tissue next to the prostate tumor properly predicted 67 percent of cases for relapse and 77 percent of cases for short PSA doubling period. Using median-size CNV from blood, the genome model properly predicted 81 percent of the cases for relapse and 69 percent of the instances for brief PSA doubling time. Dr. Luo notes that there are several potential clinical applications using CNV assessments. For a patient diagnosed with prostate cancer, CNV analysis done on bloodstream or normal cells would eliminate the dependence on additional invasive techniques to choose a treatment mode. For a patient already having a radical prostatectomy, CNV analysis on the tumor or blood sample may help to choose whether additional treatment can be warranted to avoid relapse.