Checklist for seniors to reduce risk of falls For all those 65 and older.

is using the event to talk about with seniors steps they can try prevent possibly life-threatening falls.S. Section of Health and Human Services’ Administration on Maturing , one in every eight Americans is 65 or older now. ‘This means that a sizeable segment of the population is at risk for dropping,’ says Jonathan Scheff, M.D., chief medical officer for Health Net, Inc. ‘For older people,’ he adds, ‘falls often lead to a downward wellness spiral, so the key is taking steps to prevent falls to begin with. Older Americans you live longer than ever, and our goal at Wellness Net is to help them avoid debilitating accidental injuries and revel in their golden years.’ Home fall-avoidance checklist The National Security Council notes that – during any given week – a lot more than 30,000 Americans over the age of 65 are significantly injured by falling, and nearly all those falls occur at home.Council, considering that Washington provides so much armed service support to the allies in question. But their decisions to join a China-led monetary initiative are obviously being made with the fact that the Asian financial giant is on a greater route to dominance in your community where those nations are located. The decisions may also reflect doubts about President Obama’s commitment to the United States’ Asian allies, and the protection of Asia in general. U.S. Hegemony around the global world has suffered beneath the current administration, and it doesn’t look like on the rebound any moment in the future. These decisions to join a Chinese-led development lender are not being made by petulant leaders of renegade countries who are bent on defying Obama with regard to it; they are being made by leaders who feeling that the era of U.S.