Evaluation: Medicare.

Evaluation: Medicare, liberals and the lesser of two evils Writing for Kaiser Health Information, Jonathan Cohn asks and reply the next question: How come the debt ceiling offer give liberals so much heartburn? Many reasons, obviously. But a big one may be the possibility that it’ll trigger automatic cuts to Medicare, the jewel of the Great Society and the program on which virtually every senior citizen depends for medical health insurance . The fear is definitely that those cuts would leave older people without adequate financial safety or access to medical care.

Researchers have thought that cells combat such stress through expression of heme oxygenase-1 , a protective enzyme that is upregulated in SCD kidneys in human beings and in mouse versions. New research, however, shows that in SCD HO-1 is probably not as protective while previously thought. In an attempt to understand the specific part of HO-1 in kidney injury, Juncos et al. Examined SCD mice in the existence or absence of tin protoporphyrin , a broadly recognized inhibitor of the enzyme activity of HO. Short-term SnPP treatment successfully blocked HO activity in both normal and SCD mice, reduced kidney blood flow in normal and SCD mice, but didn’t affect the filtration capacity of the kidney in either group.