In accordance to a fresh study by an international team of researchers.

Antibiotic use early in life does not increase the subsequent risk of asthma Antibiotic use early in life does not raise the subsequent risk of asthma, in accordance to a fresh study by an international team of researchers. Previous research has indicated that infections in early life might offer protection from developing asthma . The experts, led by Dr Sunia Foliaki of the University of Wellington, New Zealand completed an ecological study that compared antibiotics product sales in 28 countries with the prevalence of symptoms of asthma, rhinitis and eczema in 13-14 12 months olds in those countries. ?.

Is FUT a permanent procedure and is it really effective? Transplanted locks is no different from the hair in its source area. When a restoration treatment is completed suitably, this hair lasts for a lifetime or at least into the old age of the average person. In some cases, older people experience a thinning of locks during the donor area. If this happens, the transplanted hair is likely to undergo thinning also. Does it produce a natural look? When performed and thoroughly skillfully, hair transplants carry an extremely natural look. With the use of single hair follicular unit grafts, attaining a hairline that’s natural looking becomes all the more possible. Even hairdressers may find it challenging to differentiate between a transplanted hair and natural locks. Does the post-surgery recovery involve use of bandages? Modern hair transplantation surgeries have advanced to the extent that there is no dependence on applying bandages following a procedure.