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Monker. ‘It really is too soon to know easily may have benefited out of this therapy, but I'm extremely glad to contribute to this important research that could improve look after others.’ The idea of using viruses to take care of cancer ‘s been around for more than a century, with sporadic reviews of cancer patients experiencing remarkable recoveries after viral infections. However, it is only in recent years that viral therapy has begun to be created and tested in a rigorous method. Drs. Bell, Lichty and Stojdl began investigating viral treatments for cancer nearly 15 years back when they worked jointly at The Ottawa Hospital. ‘We discovered that when normal cells become cancerous, it's such as a deal is being created by them with the devil,’ explained Dr. Bell, a senior scientist at The Ottawa Medical center and professor at the University of Ottawa. Continue reading

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New Report Ties Diabetes shortens life expectancyDespite medical advances allow people with diabetes to live longer today than in the past, can expect a 50 – year-old with the disease have to live 8.5 years fewer years, on average over a 50-year old without the disease. Continue reading