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246 US 231 North, Troy, Alabama

Located at the Pioneer Museum of Alabama,
located on US 231 about 3/4 mile north of the Quality Inn
(formerly Holiday Inn), and Motel 6 (formerly Holiday Inn Express)
in Troy, where the train engine sits out front

Open Wednesday through Friday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Saturday – 10:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and some holidays

Mobile: (334) 372-2399

Mail: 1305-A South Brundidge St., PMB 105, Troy, AL 36081


Help our wounded veterans through
the Wounded Warriors Project

Website related to various veterans’ benefits in Alabama.

My M151A2 in front of the museum during “Military Through the Ages” program in 2007

After going through basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC in 1962, I subsequently spent time  at Third Army HQ at Ft. McPherson, GA, Ft. Bragg, NC, and Ft. Benning, GA.  I volunteered for a government-sponsored trip to Southeast Asia,
but somebody higher than me decided I wasn’t needed there.   In 1966,  I entered into a 36 year career in law enforcement in Florida, serving in a wide variety of assignments, including all levels of supervision in patrol; criminal investigations; crime scene investigation; criminal intelligence & crime analysis; narcotics & organized crime, etc. I also served in various special units, including as supervisor of the Negotiations Response Team. I often had the opportunity to interact with the FBI, BATF, DEA, Secret Service, and other Federal agencies as well as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. I was fortunate to have the opportunity in 1982 to attend the  FBI National Academy at
Quantico Marine Corps Base, VA. Those of you familiar with Quantico know of what
I speak when I say I completed the Yellow Brick Road. After retirement in 2002,
I moved back to some of my family roots near Troy, Alabama, and opened
the Conecuh River Depot Military Museum in 2003.

This is a private museum comprised of my extensive personal collection of military memorabilia assembled over a period of more than 30 years. The nucleus for my World War II collection came from my father, who served as a
combat liaisson officer in HQ III Corps, Third Army, in the European Theater.
Other items have been obtained from veterans, their families, estate sales,  reputable dealers,
and various other sources.
Besides U. S. Military items, the museum contains German items from World War II, Chinese Communist items from the Korean War, numerous NVA and Viet Cong items from the Vietnam War, and Iraqi items from
Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
This museum is intended to be a memorial to the American fighting men and women,
who have insured the freedoms we all enjoy.
It is hoped you will come and view the museum, and think of the sacrifices
that at all veterans have made for us.

There is no charge for the Conecuh River Depot Military Museum.

  We had a great trip to Vietnam in May of 2012. We spent 4 nights in Saigon, two in DaNang, and a couple in Hue. We made many side trips to villages, and many sites of interest. We even went in the VC tunnels in Cu Chi. The highlights were interacting with the children at a school in a small village south of DaNang, visiting a Catholic orphanage in DaNang, a Catholic convent in Hue, The Citadel in Hue, and the overall friendliness of the Vietnamese people towards us. Saigon now has 10 million people, but had the feeling of a much smaller city. I believe nine million must ride motor scooters. We had absolutely no negative experiences while there. Also, I picked up some items for the museum at the “mother lode” of war memorabilia in Saigon, thanks to a young Vietnamese who
was the son of a South Vietnamese soldier who took two of us there.

Return to Vietnam II has been postponed until 2015. I’ll post information when available. Please check back.

My large collection of memorabilia from the War Between the States is on display next door at the Pioneer Museum of Alabama. I encourage everyone to tour the Pioneer Museum of Alabama. Besides over 30 acres containing many 1800s buildings, there are over 18,000 items on display in the main building.  Come on by and visit.

Bob McLendon

BS, Florida State University
MS, Eastern Kentucky University

American Legion Post 70, Troy, AL
Senior Vice Commander, 2004-2005, 2008-2009
Commander, 2009- present.
OIC, Post 70 CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

Alabama State Defense Force (Ret.)
Captain (AL), Commanding, HHC, 203rd BN, 2nd BD
Alabama Volunteers
Captain (AV), 304th BN, 3rd Brigade

Life member, Disabled American Veterans

Life member, Vietnam Veterans of America Assoc.

First Cavalry Division Association

Society of the Third Infantry Division

Sons of the American Revolution

Life member, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Life member, Military Order of the Stars and Bars
Commander, Alabama Society, 2010 – 2012

Order of the Southern Cross

Charter member, National World War II Museum, New Orleans, LA

Member, U.S. Army Aviation Museum, Ft. Rucker, AL

Association for Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums

Southeast Coalition of Authentic Reenactors

Pike County Historical and Genealogical Society
Vice President, 2009 – present

Gainesville Lodge 41, F.& A.M. (Florida)

Fleta Lodge 223, F.& A.M. (Alabama)

32nd degree, Scottish Rite Bodies

PM, Confederate Military Lodge of Research

Troy Exchange Club, Troy, AL

Member, Pike County, AL Salvation Army Disaster Team

Our Gift to the Fallen
by Charlie Gragg
Penryn, California

For each soldier that has fallen so that many may stand
We honor their spirit as they pass to God’s hand.
For without their sacrifice we would live forever in fear.
We pray for their loved ones and provide a salute and a tear.
God help us heal the wounds of hate and the misery of war.
That is our gift to our fallen heroes that are amongst us no more

You never know who might show up at
Conecuh River Depot Military Museum

Troy, Alabama

As Commander of American Legion Post 70 in Troy, I want you to know that the Post Home in Troy is available for rent. Organizations and individuals can rent the Post for meetings, or for special functions, on a one-time basis, or for on-going dates.
Restrooms and kitchen included.
See Page 9 of this website.

Tour this website for photos of the museum,
living history activities, and additional information
regarding veterans.

Please allow time for photos to load.

Page 2 –    Photos of the museum

Page 3 –  Truths about the Vietnam War

Page 4 –   Military Impressions              
                         Honoring veterans through living history

Page 5 –       Blackhorse Publishing, etc.
(Books – 53rd Alabama Cavalry, etc.)

Page 6 –     Eclectic Items –
American Legion Riders,
Patriot Guard Riders, etc., etc.

Page 7 – Announcements

Meetings, events, reenactments, etc.

Page 8 – Chaplain Stephen A. Pilley
Chapter 302
Military Order of the Stars & Bars
Troy, Alabama

Page 9 –  American Legion
Pike County Post 70
Troy, Alabama

    No matter what your thoughts are on the war,

always support our troops!

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